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Industry Insights: Helping Students Choose a Career Path

Industry Insights: Helping Students Choose a Career Path

What does life look like after high school?

A new program called Industry Insights is designed to help Lakota students answer that question.

Industry Insights are sessions that introduce new fields to high school students. During each session, a panel of industry experts is on hand to share their experiences, answer questions and then speak one-on-one with students. Sessions this year include hospitality and tourism, business and consumer products, health care, and skilled trades.

“Our students don’t know what they don’t know, and there are so many valuable jobs and companies in our area where they can seek gainful employment now and after their educational journey,” said Katie Bauer, Lakota’s Strategic Partnerships Coordinator. “My hope with these sessions is that students can get an introduction into industries they may not have considered before to better navigate their future.”

During the recent Skilled Trades session, the experts told students about the shortage in the trades and encouraged them to visit local training centers to get a firsthand look at the many options in skilled trades.

“The trades aren’t for everyone, but if you like to touch and create things, have the drive to do hard work and put pride into it, you should explore this option,” said Pat Moharter from Iron Workers Local 290 and Local 44.

The expert panel shared information about apprenticeships, as well as career growth opportunities within the skilled trades.

When West sophomore Evan Wolff heard about the Skilled Trades session, he signed up immediately. Evan loves to weld and work with his hands, so he saw it as an opportunity to talk to people from a trade school specialized in welding. “The session was beneficial and helpful because I learned more about the trades and how there is more to it than just doing your job. There are many opportunities and job positions than just a welder; they also need managers and teachers and all other sorts of job positions related to the trade.”

Bauer encourages everyone to visit Real World Learning on Lakota’s website to find out about opportunities for students of all ages – as well as information on how area businesses can become involved as well. There are 11 different summer internship options and more upcoming Industry Insight Sessions.

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