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Lakota Secondary Summer School 2023

Lakota Secondary Summer School 2023

Lakota's 2023 Secondary Summer School is scheduled for May 26 through June 30, with no school on Monday May 29, or Monday June 19. Summer School is being offered virtually this summer with the option for both zoom and in-person help sessions. In-person help sessions will be held at Lakota Central at 5030 Tylersville Rd. Additionally, both advanced math options for junior school students (Bridge to Adv 7 Math and Bridge to Algebra) will offer a virtual or in-person option. 

Because of the compacted and accelerated nature of the Math Bridge Courses, students must be in attendance every day, virtually or in-person based on the course. Students must participate in the entire course to receive credit.

Students are expected to follow all rules and policies as outlined in the Lakota Student Code of Conduct.

We will not be accepting non-Lakota students into our summer school program this year. 

Regular Summer School registration is now closed.
Credit Recovery registration is open April 10 through June 10.
AIR and End of Course Exam registration is open now through June 10. Testing will occur the week of June 26.

Please visit our Summer School Page for more information and links to register.

Please contact or call 513 200-5934 (8am - 3pm) with questions. 

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