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Celebrating Lakota's 2023 Retirees

Celebrating Lakota's 2023 Retirees

Lakota Local Schools is celebrating 46 employees who are retiring in 2023. The district has been recognizing these individuals on social media throughout the month of May. 

Congratulations to the following teachers, staff members and administrators. Thank you for your years of service helping to make the Lakota experience special for all of our students.

Debora Adams: Freedom (Teacher - Special Education)

Monica Anderson: VanGorden (Teacher - Fifth Grade)

Lori Barnes: VanGorden (Teacher - Fourth Grade)

Mary Brophy: Hopewell ECS (Principal)

Michael Buckenmyer: East High (Teacher – Math)

Ledra Bugg: Creekside ECS/Heritage ECS (Teacher - SEL Special)

Gregory Clark: Union (Teacher - Third Grade)

Jeffrey Combs: East High (Teacher - Special Education)

Jennifer Connett: Liberty ECS (Teacher - First Grade)

Judi Craig: Hopewell ECS (Teacher - Speech and Language Therapist)

Kathleen Darpel: Adena (Teacher - 5th Grade)

Michelle Day: West High (Teacher – English)

Debra DeGennaro: East Freshman (Teacher - Special Education)

Barbara Eiswerth: Freedom (IA - Special Education)

Craig Gleason: East High (Teacher – Science)

Debra Godsey: Shawnee ECS (Child Nutrition Manager

Maureen Halls Cranstoun: Hopewell Junior (IA - Special Education)

Raymond Hamilton: East Freshman (Teacher - Physical Education)

Kristin Harvey: Hopewell Junior (Teacher - Special Education)

Paula Heinly: Welcome Center (EMIS Generalist)

Joyce Herdman: Creekside ECS (IA - Special Education)

Elizabeth Hofferber: West Freshman (Teacher – Music)

Katharine Kachovec: Union (IA – Hub)

Mary Jane Kamerer: Liberty ECS (Teacher - Reading/ESL Support)

David King: Endeavor (Custodian – Head)

Sharon Mays: Central Office (Teacher - TSA - Central Office)

Judith Miller: East High (Teacher - Intervention Specialist)

Diana Mueller: East Freshman (Teacher – Art)

Jennifer Muia: Creekside ECS (Teacher - Second Grade)

Theresa Niehaus: Independence/Endeavor (Teacher – Music)

Michelle Redden: Heritage ECS (Teacher - Special Education)

Robin Reese: Woodland (Teacher - Fourth Grade)

Christopher Roth: Endeavor (Teacher - Fourth Grade)

Martha Santos: Union (Teacher – Art)

Cynthia Shropshire: Creekside ECS (Teacher - Second Grade)

Mary Siehl: West High (Teacher – Spanish)

Jennifer Siemers: West High (Teacher – Math)

Melanie Stearns: Woodland (Teacher - Reading Specialist)

Cynthia Todd: West High (Custodian)

Karen Tuskey: Creekside ECS (Teacher - Physical Education)

Lori Vanover: Endeavor (Teacher - Innovation Specialist)

Karen Wainscott: West High (Office Secretary)

Pamela Williams: Heritage ECS (Teacher – Kindergarten)

Nancy Wilson: Freedom (Teacher - Special Education)

Kathleen Wiseman: Endeavor (Teacher – Counselor)

Robert Wisser: West Freshman (Teacher – Science)

David Yost: East High (Teacher – Math)