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Preview of the First-Ever Light Up Lakota

Preview of the First-Ever Light Up Lakota

Lakota Local Schools is excited to debut the first-ever “Light Up Lakota!” school showcase at Lakota West High School from 6-8 p.m. on Tuesday, April 11. 

The next iteration of Lakota’s former “State of the Schools” tradition, “Light Up Lakota!” will shine the spotlight on the coursework, classroom lessons, and other school and district programs and initiatives that directly support the four pillars of Lakota’s strategic plan: WE are Personalized; WE are Future Ready; WE are Fiscally Responsible; and WE are In This Together. 

“Every single day, our teachers and staff get to see the moments that make their students light up and get excited about learning,” said Lakota's Interim Superintendent Robb Vogelmann. “This is an opportunity for our community to experience the same thing and see firsthand what it looks like and feels like to learn at Lakota. It puts our students and staff in the spotlight and gives our younger learners the added benefit of seeing what awaits them at the next grade level.” 

Beyond the traditional school showcase that includes a booth for each of Lakota’s 23 schools (see below for details), feature presentations happening on the event’s main stage will showcase select programs spanning every grade band. Spotlight sessions will include: 

  • "Tiger Class of the Week" Hinges on Student Choice (Shawnee ECS)
  • When Special Teachers Collaborate (Cherokee Elementary)
  • Madagascar Jr. Musical Performance (Union Elementary Drama Club)
  • Innovation Hub Tools in Action (Woodland Elementary)
  • Firebird Athletic Culture Team (F.A.C.T.) Leads by Example (Ridge Junior)
  • Plains Junior Choir performance
  • Student Leadership Team’s NEST initiative (Lakota East)
  • Lakota West Jazz Orchestra performance (Lakota West)
  • Student Passion Leads to New Broadcasting Club (Lakota West)
  • …and a special light show, compliments of Endeavor Elementary staff!

An art gallery will put on display student talent and visual arts projects from most schools, while a special interactive section dedicated to “WE are Fiscally Responsible” will share valuable information about Lakota’s finances. 

The event is open to the entire community. Attendees will be able to enjoy the open house format of the evening around the scheduled presentations they wish to hear more about. As an added bonus, visit at least one booth from each pillar, plus one spotlights session, to fill your event passport and receive your own Lakota "spotlight!" 

Compliments of Lakota West's Broadcast Club, the evening's spotlight sessions will also be live streamed on the Lakota West Broadcast Club YouTube channel

School Showcase

WE are Personalized

  • Adena Elementary - CHAMPS Incentive Program
  • Cherokee Elementary - Collaboration among the Specials
  • Endeavor Elementary - Project Based Learning
  • Hopewell Junior School - Clubs & Extracurricular Activities
  • Lakota Central  - Still Photo & Computer Artwork

WE are Future Ready

  • All Early Childhood Schools - Inside the Innovation Hub
  • Freedom Elementary - Student Collaboration
  • Lakota West Freshman - Financial Literacy Class
  • Liberty Junior School - 8th Grade Memorial Project
  • Plains Junior School - Entrepreneurial Challenge
  • Union Elementary - Interdisciplinary Iditarod Project
  • Woodland Elementary - Innovation Hub Tools (Videos & Podcasting)
  • Wyandot ECS - Project Based Learning

WE are In This Together

  • Independence Elementary - Team INSPIRE Student Leadership Group
  • Lakota East Freshman - Hope Squad
  • Lakota East High School - Student Leadership Team & NEST
  • Ridge Junior School - F.A.C.T. (Firebird Athletic Culture Team)
  • VanGorden Elementary & Preschool - Sixth Grade & Preschool Mentor Program
  • Lakota West High School - Student Broadcasting Club