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Statement Addressing Recent Board Member Behavior

Statement Addressing Recent Board Member Behavior

The safety and security of our students and staff is a responsibility we take very seriously at Lakota Local Schools. We have very specific policies and procedures in place explicitly for the protection of our school community. 

This morning, Lakota Board Member Darbi Boddy blatantly disregarded board policy 9150 and its administrative guidelines, which requires all school board members give prior notice to a school’s principal before visiting any building. She entered two of our schools unannounced and, against the request of our office staff to wait for the principal, proceeded to exit the main office and walk the hallways of the schools. Upon learning that Mrs. Boddy was walking their hallways, each principal immediately notified our superintendent and then accompanied her for the remainder of her visit.

Consistent with Lakota’s policy for all visitors to our buildings, this policy is in place not only for the safety of our students and staff, but also to minimize disruption to the learning taking place in our schools. Especially in light of recent events involving our school board, staff at both schools were understandably alarmed at Mrs. Boddy’s unannounced appearance outside of their classrooms. Some staff later expressed discomfort in seeing an unescorted visitor in the building. 

We are disappointed in Mrs. Boddy’s actions. We will not tolerate behavior that violates our policies and procedures, especially where it interrupts the learning process for our students and contributes to an uncomfortable work environment for our staff.

Additionally, Lakota Local Schools would like to respond to recent allegations about the district that have been posted on social media.

  • The district has not approved any curriculum associated with the websites Scarleteen, Bedsider or Synteros. 
  • There was no violation of sunshine law regarding a conversation between board members. The conversation, the subject which has been misrepresented on social media, took place before the newly-elected members were both sworn into office.
  • The topic of the April 25, 2022 board work session was the district’s five year forecast, which is evident from the meeting agenda. This was clearly communicated to all board members by the board president via email prior to the meeting. Discussion surrounding a full curriculum audit will take place at a future board meeting.

It is unfortunate that false allegations such as these are taking time and attention away from what is truly important: supporting and celebrating the more than 17,000 students and 1,800 staff who attend and work at Lakota Local Schools.

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