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Meet Lakota's Parent Mentor

Meet Lakota's Parent Mentor

Lakota’s Parent Mentor, Terri Doerr, provides free peer-to-peer support for parents, guardians and caregivers with children with disabilities enrolled in the district. Since 1999, Doerr has been helping Lakota families navigate the special education process.

“I love helping our families find resources and support,” said Doerr. “Special Education can be challenging to navigate, but we are here to help. We want our students with disabilities to learn and grow to their fullest potential.”

Parent Mentors can provide information and resources for:


  • Improving student success, especially in literacy;
  • Planning transitions from age 3 to age 22 or until the student graduates from high school;
  • Understanding the rights and responsibilities of families and students.
  • Attend individualized education program (IEP) meetings and other meetings at the request of families or staff members;
  • Host information sessions for families and staff members;
  • Connect families, schools, and communities by providing links to local services and organizations that support students with disabilities;
  • Provide information about federal, state, and local special education laws and policies; and
  • Share updated information about special education, such as timelines and deadlines, eligibility processes, informed consent, prior written notice, and other requirements.

“One of our focus areas this school year is helping our students with language and literacy supports,” explained Doerr. “The Ohio Department of Education has many resources available to help with literacy, including the State’s focus on dyslexia. I’m excited to work with our families and staff to support this work.”

Each month, Doerr will share tips and resources on Lakota’s website and in the district’s monthly newsletter. Follow the Lakota Local Schools Parent Mentor Facebook page to stay up to date. Learn more about Ohio’s Parent Mentor Project on the Ohio Department of Education’s website.

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