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'In the Loop with the Supe' Alternates Between In-Person and Virtual

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'In the Loop with the Supe' Alternates Between In-Person and Virtual

Stay "In the Loop with the Supe" at the reinvented version of Superintendent Matthew Miller's monthly coffee chats kicking off July 8.

The once in-person chats transitioned to entirely virtual via Facebook Live during the COVID-19 pandemic. Beginning in July 2021, the program will begin a rotation between a virtual and in-person format. In-person sessions will be recorded and shared via social media following each conversation. Miller's return to in-person chats will take place July 8 at 1 p.m. at the MidPointe Library West Chester branch in Community Room A/B. 

"The virtual format of my chats definitely helped me to reach more people, but I'm excited to add back in some face-to-face opportunities," Miller said. "I'm also looking forward to taking these chats to more businesses and organizations around town that want to engage with our schools and bring more of our community in through their doors." 

"In the Loop with the Supe" is a monthly opportunity to get an update on the school district and share questions and concerns. With some exceptions as noted on the district calendar, the program is typically held on the first Wednesday of the month at alternating times to accommodate different schedules. 

To help Mr. Miller efficiently prioritize questions and concerns, a ThoughtExchange is shared in advance of each chat. Community members can submit their questions or thoughts and then rate the thoughts of others to help Miller address the most pressing concerns. Click here to access the July "In the Loop with the Supe" ThoughtExchange. 

Local businesses and organizations interested in hosting an in-person conversation are invited to email