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Hearing & Vision Screenings

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Hearing and vision screenings are done to help facilitate early detection of health impairments.

The screenings performed at school are not examinations. In the event that a student does not pass the screening, a referral will be sent home with the recommendation that the parent or guardian make an appointment with a medical professional who will examine the child and determine if any treatment is required.

If there are concerns regarding a child’s hearing or vision, a screening can be performed if requested by a teacher, parent, or other school personnel.  If a student's parent or guardian does not want their child's vision and/or hearing screened, please send a note to the building's registered nurse prior to the screenings.  This waiver must submitted every year the student is required to be screened. 


Lakota follows the Ohio Department of Health mandated vision and hearing screening schedule:

  • Kindergarten, first grade, third grade and fifth grade are screened for vision and hearing.
  • Seventh grade is screened for vision.
  • Ninth grade is screened for vision and hearing.
  • Eleventh grade is screened for vision and hearing.
  • New students to the district in any grade.