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Unscheduled School Closings

Schools may be closed due to severe weather, emergencies or other conditions that may affect the safety of our students.

Every effort is made to publicize these announcements as soon as a decision is made to cancel or delay the opening of school for whatever reason. We encourage parents to check Lakota's website and the other communications channels listed below early and often when bad weather is predicted. Please do not call the school to inquire about possible closings. A decision to close schools covers one school day only. New announcements will be made each day if the situation continues.

About Weather Decisions

Whenever there is inclement weather either predicted or occurring, the district’s chief operating officer (COO) keeps a close eye on multiple weather forecasts and the actual conditions. Early in the morning, between 4 and 5 a.m., the COO and and other staff members drive throughout the district to assess the conditions of both main roads and subdivision streets, as well as the school parking lots and school sidewalks. At the same time, Lakota also communicates with local law enforcement officials and township road crews. The school district covers 63 square miles, so conditions in one part of the district can be vastly different than other parts. That, too, has to be considered.

Around 5 a.m. the COO reviews the conditions with the superintendent, who makes the decision whether to delay or close school. Many times it is obvious that a delay or closure is necessary. But other times the decision is very close and could reasonably be made either way. All superintendents make the best decision they can for the specific conditions in their own school district.


To find out about a decision to delay or close school, you can always check the homepage of the district website. In addition to updating Lakota's district-level social media accounts, Lakota also uses its notification system to dispatch an email, phone call, text message and push notification (if you have the ParentSquare app downloaded) to all subscribers immediately impacted by the closure or delay. Finally, all the local newspapers, television and radio stations are alerted.

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Sign Up for Lakota Communications

Among other purposes, Lakota relies on its mass notification system to communicate necessary delays or closures. Depending on whether you're a parent, employee or community member, your contact information is collected or maintained in different ways. Please visit the Communications Portal webpage to ensure you are receiving school-to-home Lakota communications that are relevant to you.

Visit Lakota's Communications Portal

Facilities Usage Procedures for Non-School Groups 

Scheduled activities will be canceled when the District is closed due to inclement weather. Cancellations will be made with as much warning as possible. Weather closings on Fridays may cause weekend cancellations. Scheduled users must contact the building administrator on Friday between 9:00 AM and 3:00 PM to check on weekend availability. If no contact is made, renters must assume the activity is canceled.