Internship Program

Student at West Chester Hospital internshipStudent intern at ABC PediatricsStudent intern at Beacon OrthoStudent intern at EthiconStudent interns at P&GStudent intern at radio stationStudent intern at Kinetic Vision

Internships, Apprenticeships & Volunteering for Career-Readiness  

One of Lakota’s goals is to prepare all students for their future by getting them to be college-, career-, and innovation- ready.

By establishing partnerships with area businesses and organizations, Lakota offers students a number of internship, apprenticeship and volunteering possibilities. These programs offer students deeper, richer and more relevant learning experiences which complement the rigor available through its academic courses such Lakota’s STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts/design, and mathematics) academic program for grades 1-12.

Local employers, especially in highly technical and specialized professions, traditionally recruit college-level students. Employers have found that this process begins too late and are now beginning their recruitment efforts as early as high school by working with school districts like Lakota to offer students real world learning opportunities.

Current Internship Opportunities

West Chester Hospital Medical Spring Internship
West Chester Hospital Medical Internship

PromoSpark Shipping & Receiving Internship (paid)
PromoSpark Shipping & Receiving Internship

Beacon Orthopaedics Spring Internship
Beacon Orthopaedics Internship Description

Cincinnati Children's-Liberty Campus Spring Internship
Cincinnati Children's-Liberty Campus Internship Description

Butler County Visitors Bureau Visitor Experience Summer Internship
Butler County Visitors Bureau Visitor Experience Internship Description

Butler County Visitors Bureau Video Journalism Summer Internship
Butler County Visitors Bureau Video Journalism Internship Description

N2 Publishing Internship
N2 Publishing Internship Description

ABC Pediatric Therapy Internship
ABC Pediatric Therapy Internship Description

ActionStreamer Engineering Lab Internship (paid)
ActionStreamer Internship Description

Apprenticeship Opportunities

P&G Business Apprenticeship

Trilogy Health Services Health Care & Culinary Apprenticeship Program

Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Students of the Year Philanthropy Internship

Apollo Home HVAC, Plumbing & Electrical Industries Apprenticeship Program


Volunteer Opportunities in Industry Settings

West Chester Hospital High School Student Volunteer Program

ABC Pediatric Therapy Observation Opportunities

Cincinnati Children’s High School Student Volunteer Opportunities


Our Partners

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