Internship Program

Internships for Career-Readiness  

This spring, Lakota’s juniors and seniors will have more internship opportunities than ever before. Lakota has partnered with area businesses to create unique learning experiences that also offer elective high school credit. In addition, Lakota departments have created internships in the areas of public finance, curriculum & instruction and marketing & public relations.

More than 60 high school students will have the chance to gain hands-on experience in such career paths as OT/PT/speech therapy, marketing, biomedical engineering, podiatry/small business, surgery/physical therapy, and public finance.

Application timelines vary (see dates below) and students will be asked to participate in an interview process for each one. Click on the following links for program descriptions for each internships.

To apply for any of the internships, follow the instructions on the Spring Internship Student Application.

ABC Pediatric Internship: Applications due Jan. 23
Curriculum and Instruction Design Team Internship
: Applications due Jan. 23
Marketing & Public Relations Internship: Applications due Jan. 23
Center for Foot Care Internship: Applications due Feb. 13
P & G Engineering Internship: Applications due Feb. 13
Beacon Orthopaedics Internship: Applications due Feb. 13
Various Views Marketing/Marketing Research Internship: Applications due Feb. 13
West Chester Hospital Internship: Applications due Feb. 13

Details Coming Soon:
Public Finance Internship: Applications due Feb. 13

Several other internships are being finalized and will be posted here soon. 


One of Lakota’s goals is to prepare all students for their future by getting them to be college-, career-, and innovation- ready.

By establishing partnerships with area businesses and organizations, Lakota offers students a number of internship possibilities. These internship programs offer students deeper, richer and more relevant learning experiences which complement the rigor available through its academic courses such Lakota’s STEAM2 (science, technology, engineering, arts/design, mathematics and medical) academic program for grades 1-12.

Local employers, especially in highly technical and specialized professions, traditionally recruit college-level students. Employers have found that this process begins too late and are now beginning their recruitment efforts as early as high school by working with school districts like Lakota to offer student internship programs.

Lakota currently partners with local organizations in business, engineering, medical and non-profit/government fields. View the video below to learn more about what local businesses, students and teachers have to say about the internship program. Plans for expansion into other areas are underway; see the Planning Framework of Job Shadowing & Internships

Lakota Internships