Summer School

Summer School 2018
Registration Opens March 5th, Closes April 6th

Lakota's Summer School program provides an opportunity for students in grades 7-12 to earn original and recovery credit. Students may also participate in summer sessions to help prepare them to retake any one of the Ohio Graduation Tests or End-of-Course assessments or to participate in select math courses to qualify for advanced math placement the following school year. 

Summer School Dates for 2018 are May 29th through July 6th with no classes on July 4th.

Summer School Location is Ridge Jr School, 6199 Beckett Ridge Blvd, West Chester 45069.

Registration is open March 5 through April 6. See OGT and EOC for registration deadline information.

All Students 
All students must complete and turn in the Emergency Medical Authorization form.
Click here for form.

Lakota Residents
Please use EZPay to register for classes. Click here for instructions.
Non-Lakota Residents
Please complete the District Registration Form and the correct summer school registration form (Original or Credit Recovery, PE, or OGT). 

District Student Registration Form
Original or Credit Recovery Registration Form
PE Registration Form
OGT Registration Form

You will also need the child's original birth certificate, the parent's driver's license, and any applicable custody documentation. All of this must be provided at the time of registration, along with payment for the course(s). Bring all paperwork to the Lakota Enrollment Center at 8735 Cincinnati-Dayton Rd. The building is located across the street from the West Chester Post Office. The hours are 7:30 - 3:00, Monday through Friday. Cash or check only please. All paperwork is due by April 6.

OGT Students
Deadline for OGT Registraton is June 1.
Please complete the OGT Registration Form and send it with payment to the following:
Lakota Ridge Jr School
Attn: Jordan Diegmueller
6199 Beckett Ridge Blvd., West Chester, OH 45069-6499
OGT Registration Form

End-of-Course Assessment Students
Deadline for EOC Registration is June 1.
Students have the option to take the assessment only or to take the preparation sessions prior to the assessment dates for those re-taking an assessment. Please see the registration form for more information.
Please complete the EOC Registration Form and send it with payment to the following:
Lakota Ridge Jr School
Attn: Jordan Diegmueller
6199 Beckett Ridge Blvd., West Chester, OH 45069-6499
EOC Registration Form

Summer Math Students
For summer school classes - Please use EZPay to register for classes. 
For Tutored or Online study - Please complete Summer Math Registration Form. Click here for form.

Course Offerings

Original & Recovery Credit
The following courses will be offered for original credit: Health, Government, Economics, Financial Literacy, Sociology, and Psychology. 

Required courses for the four content areas (English, Math, Social Studies and Science) will be offered for credit recovery only.

Dates: May 29 – July 6 (no class July 4)
Session A: 8 AM - 10 AM
Session B: 10 AM - Noon
Session C:  Noon - 2 PM 
Cost: $200 per course

These courses must be completed by July 6 to be eligible for credit. Students MUST attend a two-hour session daily until the course is complete. Students register for ONE of the listed sessions; session options do become limited as they are filled. Courses are online and can be accessed from home so that students may work ahead. Once the course is complete, students do NOT have to return to classes.

Physical Education Credit
The following courses will be offered:

Fitness and Sports – For all students who need their first PE credit
Team and Individual Sports – For all students who need their second PE credit

Session 1: May 29 – June 15
Both an AM session (7 – 11:20 AM) and PM session (noon – 4:20 PM) will be offered, pending sufficient enrollment.

Session 2: June 18 – July 6 (no classes July 4)
An AM session (8 – 12:40 PM) will be offered, pending sufficient enrollment.

Students will NOT be permitted to split sessions (i.e. part morning session, part afternoon session or part Session 1 and part Session 2).

Cost: $200 per course

Ohio Graduation Test
Students are eligible to take their Ohio Graduation Test (OGT) via Lakota's summer school program. The OGT will be proctored only for students who have previously failed one or more portions of the test during the regular school year. Students participating in the summer OGT will be required to participate in 10 hours of OGT preparation sessions.

Session Dates: June 4 - 8
Testing Dates: June 11- 15
Session Cost: $40 (flat fee)

Ohio End-of-Course Assessments
The End-of-Course Assessments will be offered during a summer testing session in July. Students who will be re-taking an assessment will be able to take a preparation session prior to taking the test. Students can use the registration form to register for the preparation sessions and/or the assessment dates.

Session Dates: June 18 - July 6 (no class July 4)
Session Time: 9am - 11am
Session Cost: $40 (flat fee)

Summer Math Advancement
Students may complete math courses during the summer to qualify for advanced math the following school year. The two courses offered are the following:

Bridge to Adv7 Math
Session Dates
: May 29 - June 15
Session Cost: $200

Bridge to Algebra
Session Dates: May 29 - July 6 (no class July 4)
Session Cost: $300
Please click here for additional information about these options. 

Attendance Requirements

Because of the compact and accelerated nature of the programs, students must be in attendance every day. Under extenuating circumstances, one absence will be excused for these courses. Although these absences may be excused, the student is still responsible for all make-up work/tests/etc. Summer gym absences will require that students make up the time missed. Students must participate in the entire course to receive credit toward graduation. Summer vacations and other appointments should not be scheduled during Summer School.

If you have questions, please email Chris Clemmons