Summer School

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Lakota's Secondary Summer School Program

Lakota's Summer School option offers an opportunity for students in grades 7-12 to take select courses for original credit, or all core subject courses for credit recovery purposes. It also includes opportunities for math advancement for incoming seventh and eighth-graders.

Registration opens March 1st.

Summer School Dates for 2017 are May 30th through July 7th with no classes on July 3rd or July 4th.

Summer School Location is Lakota East Freshman School, 7630 Bethany Road.

Physical Education Sessions:
Session 1 runs May 30th - June 16th
Session 2 runs June 19 - July 7 with no classes on July 3rd or 4th

Because of the compact and accelerated nature of the programs, students must be in attendance every day. Under extenuating circumstances, one absence will be excused for these courses. Although these absences may be excused, the student is still responsible for all make-up work/tests/etc. Summer gym absences will require that students make up the time missed. Students must participate in the entire course to receive credit toward graduation. Summer vacations and other appointments should not be scheduled during Summer School.

Click on the links below for information on the registration process, course offerings, location and payment process:

If you have questions, please email  Christopher Clemmons.