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Partnership Opportunities

Thank you for your interest in Lakota Local Schools! 

We believe the business community is our students' best lens into the possibilities of their future. As we strive to provide real world learning experiences to our students, we are also interested in serving your business needs. From internships and classroom visitors to mentorships and fiscal sponsors, explore all the opportunities to partner here!

Whether it be college, the workplace or military service, Lakota prepares our 17,000 students for the many different adventures awaiting them after graduation. See how we prepare our students to be Future Ready. Our job is to prepare them for what comes next, and YOU CAN HELP!


Internship Host

Student in a lab looking at a test tube next to a professional in scrubs

Our goal is to provide every single student with at least one internship before they graduate. 

We can shape an internship experience to fit your business's needs and desired level of commitment. Teach our students real-world work skills while they earn academic credit and get the benefit of a fresh look or different perspective, too. 

Depending on your availability and interest, Internships can vary in length from one week to a full semester.

View current internship opportunities.

Project Mentor

Student zooms with a mentor on computer

Project-based learning spans all subjects and grade levels at Lakota. Let us connect you with a teacher so you can tap into young, creative minds to help solve real problems for your business through a class project.

Mentors are also in high-demand for programs like Lakota's Cyber Academy or INCubatoredu. Professionals pair up with our students to help guide them through their project and understand the real world application of the concepts they are learning in class. 

Classroom Visitor

Man with bandana helping kids with wrench and pipe

Visit a classroom that aligns with your profession. Answer students' questions and help them understand how what they're learning may apply to their work one day. 




Tours & Field Trips

A group of students sitting at a table looking at a screen

Invite our students into your place of business to tour your facilities and meet your team. Let them learn more about what you do and all the different skills and roles that make your business go round. 

Community Service

High school students surrounded by smiling kids

From homework help clubs to building beautification projects, our schools have continually have needs that go unmet. Let us help find a project that will be as fulfilling and productive for your team as it will be for our students.

Fiscal or In-Kind Support

Four high school students with mentors behind an oversized check

From school supplies to resource pantry items, your fiscal and in-kind support helps us meet our students' needs and dedicate our limited budget to student instruction. Let us know how you want to contribute and we'll find a school that will benefit most from your generosity.

Get Involved

Don't let these ideas limit your creativity to get involved and support our students. Complete an interest form or contact us for more information. 

woman smiling with long light brown hair

Katie Bauer
Strategic Partnerships Coordinator

Getting involved with Lakota for an internship for my business has been a game changer.

Arin Singer-Bonk, Delicious Design Cookies

Our students are the future workforce; they may be the next pharmacist at Cincinnati Children's. If we can help them along the way and maybe help ourselves, it's a win-win. It's rewarding on both ends.

Michelle Hopkins, Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center

Participating in Lakota’s Real World Learning initiative has been extremely beneficial for our organization.  Through both short- and long-term internship opportunities, high school students have contributed directly to our operations, gaining valuable work experience while also helping us to achieve our business goals.”

Jenni Szolwinski, West Chester Liberty Chamber Alliance

My father was a photographer growing up and some of the most valuable experience I got was learning from him when I was younger. I'd love to pass that along to students who want to make sure this is actually the profession they would like to invest in. They end up seeing all aspects of the industry, including how you're a business owner first, and photographer second. Real life experience is key when deciding your future and I'm glad I can provide them that.’ 

Ali Wolfe, Ali Wolfe Photography