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FinalForms is an online system that streamlines the process of completing forms and provides a "one stop shop" for secure, convenient, mobile-accessible parent/guardian form completion. 

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Beginning in July 2022, Lakota expanded its use of FinalForms for athletic forms to also include academic forms.  Some of the benefits of FinalForms include:

  • A single place to sign all waivers, policies and forms;
  • The ability to sign forms from any web browser;
  • Saved student data from year to year;
  • Real-time data that gives a quick glance of forms turned in or still needing to be completed;
  • For parents/guardians with multiple students, the ability to copy information from one student file to the next, eliminating the need to fill out duplicate forms;
  • Email reminders of upcoming form deadlines; and
  • Ability to update contact information at any time, automatically updating our school systems as well as district communication tools. Please note that contact modification will no longer be available in Home Access Center once FinalForms becomes available.